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WBA Shares Banking Map

The Wisconsin Bankers Association has created two interactive maps showing the bank lobbies and drive-throughs in the state that are currently open and available to customers.  The maps, available at the website, allow you to see which banks are reporting their drive-throughs and lobbies as open to the public.

WBA’s Rose Oswald Poels assures that:

Banks stand ready to serve their customers whether it’s through in-person, by appointment or self-banking services.  Wisconsin’s DFI released a statement clarifying that all banks are exempt from Governor Evers’ recent executive order since they provide essential services.

Drive-through services are not available for those who are walking or biking.  WBA’s Eric Skrum reiterates that Wisconsin banks are willing and able to work with clients to find solutions.

Bikers and pedestrians should contact their bank directly to determine if the service they are looking for can be delivered in a different way.

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