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VOTE TUES April 7…or SOONER, if you can.

Last updated on 2020-04-10

VOTE TUES April 7…or SOONER, if you can.
Voting is a valued Lodi tradition. To protect your health and lives, to continue social distancing, we encourage you to vote absentee for this Spring April 7, 2020 Election.
Voting is so vital to our democracy that each paper ballot is treated like a sacred trust.  The ballot is tracked from the time your written request is received and recorded by your municipality’s Clerk’s office. Record begins when request date is logged and date when ballot is mailed out; logged again upon return of the signed absentee ballot envelope; placed in safe until Election Day, when it is assigned, a voter number in the registered-voter book, opened, and fed into the ballot reader. (Empty signed envelopes are bundled and sent to County Clerk together with ballots, if questions would arise.
Who:   Must be a registered voter age 18 or more by election date.    CHECK if registered:
Must be registered before ballot can be mailed out.
Must be resident of municipality for the 10 days prior to the election date.
What:  Must request absentee ballot in writing:
Via USPO  to City Clerk, City of Lodi130 S Main StLodi, WI 53555
-OR-   Request by e-mail
-OR-   May drop written request in the outside mail slot for Utility bills, to right of City Hall entrance.
Include:  Voters name, address, and if possible, a copy of valid ID.
Note to clerk, to inform clerk if you are “indefinitely confined” and unable to include ID Copy.
When: Written request must arrive by Thursday April 2nd  (The Thursday prior to Election Day.)
All requests will be sent out by US mail. Voted ballot must be received in City Hall before 8 pm Tues April 7th!
Voter:   Follow directions on ballot for voting.   Do NOT sign your ballot itself.
DO sign the absentee envelope, and write your address.
Find a witness who must see you sign, then he/she must sign and write his/her address.
Technique:  If you live alone, ask a friend or neighbor to witness your signature. Keep social distance 6 feet.
Put ballot envelope on front step, anchor it if windy, step back. Neighbor signs, with address. Re-anchors, steps back.
Both wash hands well.
If mailing in Lodi, can ask Lodi postal clerk to hand cancel stamp, so can be delivered to City Hall next Day.  Or drop it in the mail slot at City Hall to ensure timely arrival.
ABSENTEE VOTE IN PERSON:   Vote early…Opportunity ends Thurs. April 2nd.
Complete the Absentee Ballot in Person in the lobby of City Hall. They can witness your signature.
Maintain social distance. Only 2-4 persons in lobby at a time. Fewer people, shorter lines, expedite voting. Keep safe. Wash hands.
Please vote. Your vote really matters.
Mary Ellen Reusch

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