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Table Talk Issues in 2020

Last updated on 2020-04-10

This is a guest column by Suzanne Miller

“If you’re not at the table you’re on the menu.” Michael Enzi, American Politician

Hello Lodi!

Did you think I was gone? Never! I have one more year on council and I intend to work hard to improve communication and our community. Democracy demands it.

That said, thank you very much for voting! No matter who you voted for, it was important to participate. Please make plans to use absentee voting before the election. We need more voters, not less. A 30% turnout maintains the status quo every time yet change is here whether we want it or not. We are bound together in this time and place. Let’s use it to build a future that works for everyone, not the few. There is much to be done.

You have told me your stories. I understand your frustration. We share that experience. It’s been reported before. We understand how leaders choose to ignore us. Please speak out. When we have the whole story we can make an informed decision. Information is the key yet this Council strives to limit that essential function of Democracy. Many of us know this is happening. Saying it out loud is the hard part. I will continue to speak out. Truth to power.

I was just informed that I will not be included in the committee minutes as “present” if I’m not on the committee. Yet I’m not allowed public input either. Alder Miller does not quit being Citizen Miller. This is how the leadership controls the narrative. They attempt to erase my presence and opinions from the Public Record. Minutes from City Hall appear to be the only source of information. People rely on the minutes but they are heavily edited and will reflect the personal bias of those leaders despite public input. I recently objected to the approval of the Parks minutes because important information was excluded. This has been my experience over the last four years. I took an oath to serve the people not just developers.

Here are some other issues:

  1. Public Safety: parking on narrow streets for emergency access needs. Emergency Flood Planning
  2. Eastern Columbia County Municipal Court/Traffic Court disbursements
  3. Lodi PD long term staffing issues
  4. Comprehensive Plans for the LAFD
  5. Boundary agreements
  6. All Public Hearings
  7. Walking quorums
  8. Parliamentary procedures.

I’m not endorsing any candidate. I believe things will remain unchanged regardless of which candidate wins. If you feel the same, I am a protest write-in vote. My voters are the swing vote. Be heard.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Be well,

Suzanne Miller
Alder, City of Lodi

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  1. merwinmiller merwinmiller 2020-03-29

    I encourage EVERYONE to become MORE publicly active in our democracy, or your opportunity to participate will continue to fade away.

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