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Stadium Committee Says Thank You

The Lodi stadium project fundraising committee would like to thank the Lodi community and the Board of Education for the School District of Lodi for their support of this fundraising project.  The Board of Education approved the stadium project at a March 2, 2020 special Board meeting on the recommendation of the administration. The project is slated to start the week of June 8, 2020 to be completed prior to the 2020-21 school year.  This recommendation was made easier by the over $517,000 of community donations in support of this project.
Thank you greater Lodi community for your outstanding support of this project.  While some donations were bigger monetarily than others, all donations were big donations to those who gave them.  Everyone has a different ability to give to this project and we understand that those who gave at the Team Lodi level were just as important as those who have at the Varsity Level which was just as important as our All Conference donors.  And those who donated back in August are just as important as those who donated last week.  Everyone was so generous with their resources which was the only way this project could move forward. Thank you for your support of our current and future generations of Lodi Blue Devils to the tune of $517,000.
Thank you to the Board of Education for allowing our group to dream and make this project a reality in Lodi.  Without your willingness to support this idea by allowing the committee to fundraise and by supporting it financially with a district contribution as well, this dream would not have become a reality.  We truly appreciate your vision and foresight in allowing us to pursue this project.
Thank you to each member of the fundraising committee.  You gave of your time and resources to come together around a “Turf for All” vision and made it happen one conversation at a time.  Everyone on the committee should be proud of the work they have done.  Committee members include:  Karla Faust, Beau Lane, Katie Meyer, Tracy Heyroth, Karl Sachtjen, Drew Ryan, Jason Murray, Stephanie Schmidt, David Puls, Jason Marshall, Sue Meffert, Joe Jelinek, Brent Richter, Grant Lembcke, Zach Nelson, Joe Birkholz, Dawn Schwartz, Chuck Pursell and countless others who gave of their time and talents to make this project a reality.
Finally, it is not too late for you to support this project.  The Board will continue to collect donations toward the stadium project until April 15.  Any money collected at this point will be put toward a contingency fund in case we run into any unanticipated issues when stripping the field or if we run into issues with Mother Nature over the summer.  Any money not spent on this project will go to other stadium improvements or be placed in a fund set aside for replacement of the turf when the time comes. Please contact the high school or district office if you are interested in still contributing.
Thanks to everyone who has made “Turf for All” a reality in the School District of Lodi, once again showing that Lodi Pride runs deep throughout this community.

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