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Reach Out Lodi and COVID-19

The following is a press release from Reach Out Lodi, the Community Center, and the Community Store.

Reach Out Lodi is closing down ALL activities in the Community Center until the end of March. This includes: Bingo, Yoga, Tai Chi, Euchre, Mah Jongg, Men’s Faith group, Women’s Bible Study, Watercolor workshop, WOW (Wellness on Wednesday), Optimist meetings, etc.
Everything in the Community Center.

We will re-evaluate again at the end of March. We are committed to follow the recommendations provided to lay low for the next few weeks and help stop the rapid spread of Covid-19.

The Community Store (which consists of food, personal essentials, clothing and school supplies) will definitely be open. We are expecting more families to be requesting help. The staff and volunteers follow strict policies to be extremely confidential and welcome people in need to feel comfortable asking for help. All of our energy will be focused on the Community Store where we help people in need (at no charge). Please call 592-4592 if you are in need and/ or if you want to volunteer your time to help during this time of extra need. There will be new things we may require help with and appreciate Lodi coming together in an organized manner.

Our hours are Mon-Friday 8:30am- 3:30pm Saturday 8:30am-11am.

We are hearing people are concerned about children who will be in need of food that had gotten food at school at a reduced rate or for no charge. We will be in direct contact with the school system on Monday to hear their plan and are offering our services to supplement.

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