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Op Ed: Share Your WiFi

This article contains opinions and/or editorial content.

Something I read on a blog I frequent made me stop short: Everyone is going online for work, school, and recreation.

But not everyone has access to broadband internet–or even internet at all.

If you have broadband internet and WiFi, share your password with your neighbors and let them use your connection.  This will allow them to work from home, read the news, shop for essentials, and attend classes.

If a neighbor gives you access to their internet, be respectful and don’t abuse their friendship.

Money? Meat Mouth.

The Lodi Valley Chronicle resides at the corner of Lodi St. and Hwy 60.  The WiFi name is “XiaoZhongGuo”.  The password is “OpenAccess”.  Anyone who needs access may park outside and use it. However: I rely on this connection to conduct business.  Please do not abuse it.

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