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Lodi Receives $500,000 in State Aid to Repair Sauk Street.

The City of Lodi has been awarded $500,000 in funds from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WiDOT) to help pay for a complete refurbishment of Sauk Street.

The grant–one of only 33 out of 461 eligible applications–will supplement the approximately $440,000 contributed by the city to complete the project.  The extensive project will completely rebuild the street from Lodi Street to Strangeway Avenue.  The project will:

  • Completely remove and rebuild the road (including underlying structure), curb, and sidewalk. This will involve stripping down the street to a depth of 2 feet and rebuilding it with fresh aggregate and 4 inches of pavement.
  • Fix and upgrade the storm sewer structure.
  • Replace water and sewer mains and laterals (pipes leading to houses).
  • Extend the sidewalk on the north side of the street
  • Rebuilding retaining walls, driveway aprons, and markings
  • Add lighted pedestrian warning signs to critical crosswalks.
  • Realign the intersection with Lodi St. to improve sight lines.

Mayor Jim Ness commented:

The City of Lodi is appreciative to the WisDOT for recognizing the importance of the Sauk Street Project. It will strengthen Lodi by increasing the vigor and greatness of our schools, recreational opportunities, and residential growth. We have and will continue to invest significantly in these essential development projects. Without this grant, the bicycle and pedestrian trail project, the safe access to the school, and recreational development would have been delayed into the unforeseen future. Thanks to our Governor, State legislators, WisDOT Grantees, MSA engineers, and Lodi city staff for all the energy and efforts attributed to making this grant possible for Lodi.

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