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Vote Tues April 7. . .or Sooner, If You Can

Last updated on April 10, 2020

Part I The Supreme Court and Fair Maps
Voting in person with our neighbors is a valued Lodi tradition. Our turnouts exceed the state average.  This year we have the added challenge of protecting our health as we vote.  Absentee voting is addressed in separate Letter to the Editor.
This Spring (April 7) Election is more important than usual. Beyond the school board, City Council, Mayor, an Appeals Court Judge, and even the Democratic Presidential Preference Primary, the most lasting and perhaps critical election is for Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge.
Not only will the judge make rulings for the next 10 years, the winning candidate will no doubt be ruling on the acceptability of Wisconsin’s new voting district maps created on the basis of the 2020 Census.
Our current representational maps have been “rigged,” with boundaries shifted to increase the odds that the political party in the majority in the Senate and Assembly can hold onto that power.  In our state’s history both major political parties have done this gerrymandering, but none so obviously, effectively, and unfairly as our present unfair maps. Legislators have picked their constituents, instead of voters choosing their representatives.
Columbia County is a classic example of gerrymandering—previously all of our county was in the same Assembly District; now been broken into 4 parts, with three of them sent to three different districts:  two decidedly Republican and one “packed” into a Democratic district where their votes will have no impact.
Challenger Jill Karofsky is an experienced court judge who supports the WI State Constitution as well as precedents (past decisions). She has been an Assistant Attorney General, serving as prosecutor for Violence Against Women cases. As Deputy Dane County DA, she has prosecuted felonies & misdemeanors. She administers justice for all, not just the powerful.
The incumbent judge, Daniel Kelly, was appointed by Walker, after Kelly, an attorney in private practice successfully defended the current unfair maps from legal challenges before the conservative-leaning Supreme Court. He has failed to recuse himself (abstain from voting) on cases involving major business donors.
If you want more fairness in your Wisconsin State Supreme Court and the possibility of non-partisan redistricting maps,
[Governor Evers has directed maps be drawn by neutral commission after 2020 Census results are in.], please,
Vote for Jill Karofsky for Supreme Court in April 7 the Election.
— Mary Ellen Ruesch

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