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Ice Age Trail Remains Open

This is a press release from the Ice Age Trail Alliance

Considerations for Trail Use and Our Hiker Community

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail remains open! Although we may be discouraging group gatherings, we are encouraging use of the Ice Age Trail. It’s important we have a venue for physical health and mental wellness, especially during times of stress. A hike on a favorite segment of Ice Age Trail can be a respite from the uncertainty around us. The Trail is a perfect place for slowing down, gathering your internal resources, and gaining clarity. That said, if you have symptoms, have tested positive, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms/tested positive to Coronavirus/COVID-19, please refrain from using the Ice Age Trail.

We encourage healthy, symptom-free hiking on the Ice Age Trail, but to avoid popular locations known for heavy use. We suggest you practice social distancing at trailheads and along the Trail, especially at scenic overlooks and campgrounds.

Drive yourself (not a carpool) to a less popular segment you haven’t tried before.

Please engage in responsible Leave No Trace practices while out on the Trail. Pack out your refuse and practice responsible hygiene.

Please keep your dog(s) on leash while hiking the Ice Age Trail. Discourage your dog(s) from jumping on other hikers. Do not pet other dogs. Dogs can carry the virus on their fur and it can be transmitted by petting them.

The people and communities along the Trail are vital supporters of the Trail, the Alliance, our volunteers, and our hikers. Be aware of how the spread of the virus can impact a small community and do your best to mitigate those impacts through responsible and hygienic interactions.

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