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Coronavirus/COVID-19 and your Police Department

With the current state of information about Coronavirus or COVID-19 I felt it important to inform the Public of The Police Departments response and that the City and its residents will remain safe and have Law Enforcement coverage.  In the media, a wide range of information, some incorrect, some alarming and some indifferent has been disseminated. I don’t believe any incorrect information is intentional; this is a situation where not a lot is known about a new virus.  The information is fluid and is updated frequently. This however is a corona virus not unlike SARS which was discovered some years ago. If we use common sense and safe practices we will reduce our risk of becoming ill.

Your Police Department will respond to calls for service. We would ask that if you or anyone in the residence is experiencing, fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing you inform the dispatch center or the officer before arrival.  We would ask that you inform us if you or you have been in contact with anyone whom has been out of the country in the last 14 days.

In the event the call for service is medical and not immediately life threatening, The Officer may remain outside the residence and assist EMS as needed. In a life threatening event the Officer will respond as per normal protocol.

The public does not need to fear that law enforcement won’t be available.  If an Officer become ill or becomes quarantined The Lodi Police Department already has mutual aid agreements in place with surrounding law agencies that can assist if needed. If you call the Police will respond.  With that said, if practical, minor complaints may be handled via phone if the situation warrants it.

The City is closely monitoring the situation along with EMS Chief Russell Schafer.  EMS, Fire and Police are adjusting protocols as appropriate.

I have included a link to The Columbia County Health Department which you may use to stay informed about any updates.

The following is a link to the CDC with best practices to keep you safe.

Please use your own judgments, but continue in your day to day activities as normal while using good practices and washing your hands.  We will together as a community move past this virus.

Be Safe


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