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Lodi Author to Speak at Lodi Library

On Tuesday, March 18th, the Friends of the Lodi Public Library will host their annual membership meeting.  After a short meeting to take care of business, Lodi native and author, Louise Endres Moore will speak about her book “Alfred: The Quiet History of a WWII Infantryman“.

For 57 years, Alfred told his family he had been a barber, chauffeur, and German language translator during World War II within the U.S. Army.  But following the death of his wife, Alfred started sharing with his daughter Louise a glimpse into his actual experiences.  What began as a weekly napkin-capture of stories during nursing home visits with her dad became a nearly two decade deep dive into his true role in the war as a reluctant front-line machine gunner in Europe 1944-1945.

Intensely researched and thoroughly human, Alfred compiles a lifetime panorama of the experiences, emotions, and character of one infantryman who never wanted a part of the war but accepted it.  He returned home, discernibly the gentle Wisconsin farmer he was when he left, to a family unaware of what he had done.  And what he had survived.

The meeting takes place from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Lodi Public Library.

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