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Divine Health Helps Reach Out Lodi

Divine Rehabilitation & Nursing has partnered with Reach Out Lodi to expand the services they can both supply to the community.

Last year “Good Sam” (the Good Samaritan Nursing Home) was purchased by Divine Health–a privately-held company owned by two individuals in New York State1Divine Health has no relation to Divine Savior.. This purchase also included facilities in Fennimore and St. Croix.

Administrator Katherine Casey knows that coming in as a new company and taking over a well-established care facility is going to present some obstacles.  Among those is the impression that “a corporation from New York is taking over”.  It’s Casey’s hope, however, to become as integral a part of the community as Good Sam was.  She’s working towards this goal with hands-on community outreach.

When any new company comes into any small town, everyone gets “shooken up”. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We just want to make it know that we are not here to change things–except for the better.

Starting in December, Divine Rehabilitation & Nursing has been partnering with Reach Out Lodi.  Each month, Divine will donate needed food items to the Community Store.  In December, they donated baked goods, and in January it was soup.

In addition to food donations, both Divine and ROL will take part in “being neighborly”.  Reach Out Lodi will expand the services its volunteers provide to include Divine Health.  In return, Divine Health will introduce residents to the volunteer pool, expanding the time and skill sets available to ROL.


1 Divine Health has no relation to Divine Savior.

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