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City of Lodi Mayoral Forum

This afternoon, the Lodi Optimists hosted a moderated Q&A forum for the mayoral candidates in the LGI room at the Lodi High School.  The event was by 22 community members, as well as 26 students and their teacher.

Both adult community members and students posed serious questions to the 3 three candidates, and each of the candidates provided articulate–though often disparate–answers.

The question topics included:

  • How to promote Lodi’s natural resources
  • How candidates will support and encourage youth
  • How candidates will work with police to discourage profiling
  • Candidates’ plans for working with the DOT to manage roads and traffic
  • Candidates’ views on Top of Lodi (previously the primary school)
  • Candidates’ views on the high school stadium project.

The Chronicle attended with the intent of recording and posting the forum.  Several technical issues resulted in a video that is unusable.

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