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Village of Dane Annexes 23 Acres for New Development

As of March 2019, the Village of Dane became 23 acres larger.  The land, located at the south-east corner of the village, near the baseball park, will be developed by Don Tierney Homes into “Tanimarah Ridge”.  The annex (approximately as shown above) lies between the railroad tracks and Old Hwy 113.

Planned Development

Construction on the new Planned Unit Development (PUD) is slated to begin in the spring of 2020.

planned unit development (PUD) is a type of building development and also a regulatory process. As a building development, it is a designed grouping of both varied and compatible land uses, such as housing, recreation, commercial centers, and industrial parks, all within one contained development or subdivision.


Don Tierney Homes was contacted in early November for information on the plans for the development, but has not responded at the time of this publication.

Expansion and Inclusion

There is a high demand for housing in Dane, and expansion into the new area will help to expand and equalize the tax base for the village–and the Lodi School District.  How much the tax base will increase depends on the size and detail of the houses to be built.

The proposed 55 lots will tie into the village’s existing water and sewer lines, which will be able to handle the added capacity without the need for new pumps or water towers.  Don Tierney Homes are also working with Dane to make improvements to Capitol Valley Park as part of the development deal.   The proposed layout includes a large green space in the center as well as several “out lots” which fill up the gaps left by the angular shape of the annex.

Plat Map for Proposed Tanimarah Ridge Development in Dane, Wisconsin
Click to download as PDF.


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