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Snow Emergency–No Parking on the Streets

With the real Wisconsin winter finally showing up, it’s time to brush up on the parking rules during a snow emergency.  Knowing what to do will help the city crews clear the streets–and save you the cost of a ticket.

A snow emergency has been declared by the City of Lodi.  This happens when when the Director of Public Works makes the determination based on possible heavy snowfall.  It automatically kicks in when there’s more than 3 inches predicted, or when more than 3 inches actually falls.

The current snow emergency is in effect from 10:00 pm Friday to 12:00 noon on Sunday.

During a snow emergency there is no on street parking allowed for 48 hours after the completion of the storm or at such time the Director of Public Works declares snow removal operations in the City is complete.

Police Chief Wayne Smith has indicated that officers will out and issuing tickets to cars which are parked on the street.  It’s his hope, however, that this won’t be necessary,

Editor’s Note:

It looks like this will be the first “serious” snow of the year.  With all the warm, snowless weather we’ve been having, it’s easy to forget what Wisconsin winters are really like.  If you need to drive this weekend, please take a little time to remember what it’s like to drive on snow.  It doesn’t take much for the roads to get slippery and make stopping much more difficult.

In addition to city and county plows, there are going to be a lot of home owners and contractors plowing out driveways and parking lots.  They may not be able to see you, so be aware.

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