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Lodi Valley Benefits from Increased Road Funding

On Tuesday, January 14th, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced an estimated $521 million in transportation funding going to municipalities to offset the costs of building and maintaining transportation infrastructure projects. The Lodi Valley will receive over $45,000 more than in 2019.

Of the five municipalities making up the Lodi Valley, the Village of Dane is the only one not benefiting from this increase.  The Town of Lodi will see an increase of 8.8%, the Towns of Dane and West Point will see an increase of 10%, and the City of Lodi will see 15% more in funding in 2020.  The Village of Dane, however, will see a 10% drop in funding.

Secretary-designee Craig Thompson says:

The increase in these payments, combined with the pending $75 million in Multimodal Local Supplement grants, better positions locals. With ninety percent of our highways under local jurisdiction, it’s imperative that we provide necessary support for these critical roads.

The two primary avenues for these funds are General Transportation Aid (GTA) and Connecting Highway Aid.

GTA helps defray the costs of constructing, maintaining, and operating roads and streets that local municipalities are responsible for. Connecting Highway Aids reimburse municipalities for maintenance and traffic control of local roads that connect segments of the state highway system.  In the City of Lodi, this might apply to Main Street (Hwy 113) and parts of Water, Lodi, and Portage streets (Hwy 60).

Additional state funding may support public transit, elderly and disabled transportation, and airport and harbor development. This is in addition to state and federal funds for specific highway and bridge construction projects.

2019 2020 $ Change % Change
City of Lodi $160,706.38 $184,812.34 $24,105.96 +15.00%
Town of Lodi $78,645.86 $85,567.68 $6,921.82 +8.80%
Village of Dane $78,919.80 $71,027.82 -$7,891.98 -10.00%
Town of Dane $118,757.19 $130,637.88 $11,880.69 +10.00%
Town of West Point $96,993.40 $107,237.52 $10,244.12 +10.56%
Totals $534,022.63 $579,283.24 $45,260.61 +8.48%


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