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Lodi Utilities Helps Businesses Finance Efficiency Upgrades

This article is a press release provided by Lodi Utilities and WPPI.

A Lodi Utilities program is helping businesses with the upfront costs of making energy efficiency improvements, and it has resulted in big savings in Lodi.  Through the Shared Savings Program, Food Process Systems, Inc. upgraded to LED lighting and overhead fans, with zero upfront cost.  Lodi Utilities provided $23,865 of on-bill financing through the Shared Savings Program, and Focus on Energy is providing $6,814 of grants.

The Shared Savings Program provides qualifying businesses with up to $50,000 upfront toward energy-efficiency projects. The funds for the improvements are then repaid through the utility bill over a period of up to five years. In the case of Food Process Systems, the monthly energy cost savings are greater than the repayment amount, resulting in positive cash flow on day one.

“With the loan through Lodi Utilities and the grants through Focus on Energy, this project was a no-brainer,” said Project Engineer, Brian Gilbertson.  “Our electric bills will go down, we’ll have better light quality and better air distribution.”  Excellent lighting is critical for FPS employees since they design and build coating equipment and vibratory conveyors for America’s food processors.

Lodi Mayor Jim Ness added, “As a locally owned, not-for-profit utility, we do what we can to help our local businesses thrive, contribute jobs and keep more money here in the community.”

Although lighting is a common focus, other projects that have received funding include commercial refrigeration, variable speed drives, control systems, energy recovery ventilation, and air conditioning. Small businesses, commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, churches, and schools are eligible for the program.

Commercial and industrial customers of Lodi Utilities may contact the utility’s energy services representative at to set up a no-obligation evaluation.

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