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Election 2020: Meet the Candidates Pt 1

Last updated on January 27, 2020

This article was edited to correct an error; City of Lodi Common Council seats are “at-large”, not “ad-hoc”.

Yesterday was the deadline for candidates in most jurisdictions to submit their papers and declare their intent to run for public office.  The Chronicle is now able to publish the first of those names.

Town of Lodi

Candidates for Supervisor 3 are:

  • Chad Wolter (incumbent)
  • Marc Hamilton

Candidates for Supervisor 4 are:

  • Karla Faust
  • Connie Sears

Incumbent Jon Plumer (Supervisor 4) is not seeking reelection.

City of Lodi

The City of Lodi has 4 seats opening up in 2020: The mayor and three seats on the Common Council.

Candidates for the Common Council (at-large) are:

  • Peter Tonn (incumbent)
  • Richard (Rich) Stevenson (incumbent)

Incumbent Paege Heckel is not seeking reelection.

Candidates for Mayor are:

  • James (Jim) Ness (incumbent)
  • Ann Groves Lloyd
  • Suzanne (Suzie) Miller

The situation in the City of Lodi creates some issues.  There are three seats on the council up for election, but only two candidates. That leaves one seat empty.  Additionally, the two challengers to the incumbent mayor current hold seats on the council.  Should either of them win, that would result in a second empty seat on the council.

City Administrator Dawn Collins explains what happens in this situation:

The Spring (April 7) ballot will note to vote for 3 candidates for Alderperson. Two candidates will be listed. Election inspectors will be required to count ALL write-ins due to having 2 ballot candidates for a 3-seat office.

If there is a write-in candidate with the highest number of votes, that individual will be notified, and the individual may accept or decline the office.

When there is vacant Alderperson seat, the council may choose any one of the following: appoint an individual to a vacant seat, hold a special election, or leave a seat vacant for the term.

This article was edited to correct a spelling mistake.

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