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Village of Dane Caucus: Jan 20th

While much of the nation will be watching the results of the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, February 3 as the first nominating contest for presidential primary elections in 2020, the Village Dane will be casting votes for their caucus on Monday, January 20.
The Village of Dane has 5 trustee positions, each of whom serve 2-year terms.  One of those trustees is chosen to serve as President of the Village Council. During even years, as the case in 2020, positions for 2 trustees and the president open in April.  The incumbent trustees whose positions are up for election in 2020 are Nancy Lindow and Donald Postler.  The incumbent president is Roger Schmidt.
There is the potential for additional candidates on the day of the caucus.
Teresa Hughey Groves, Clerk Treasurer for the village explains the caucus:
It is a primary election of sorts, since there are 2 positions up for election there can be 4 people submitted for nomination. Two for each position, plus there can be two candidates nominations for the president’s position. If five people for trustee or three people are nominated for president, the vote is held right then at the caucus to eliminate one person. Every resident in the room would cast a paper ballot to choose the candidates for the ballot in April, that is when the election is held.

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