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Super Heroes Defeat Bad Weather

October 5th was the 3rd annual Super Hero Walk to raise money for Reach Out Lodi. Villainous weather attempted to thwart their plans, but in truly heroic fashion, Zach and Mira Potter enlisted a Legion of Lodi Students, and stepped in to saved the day.

For it’s third year, Reach Out Lodi hosted the successful Super Hero Walk to raise funds for their center.  With 18% of the Lodi School District being helped by the services they provide, the money raised at the Super Hero walk is students helping their friends.  $8,000 was raised to aid families in need.

This year, bad weather forced a quick change in plans.  But everyone knows that super heroes are adaptable and laugh at such adversity.  And there was plenty of laughing and smiles as the events moved inside.  Rather than a long walk, the pint-sized super heroes–caped, costumed, and properly masked–participated in the Spider-Man Crawl, the A-Mazing Iron-Man Maze. the Incredible Hulk Endurance, and other challenges worthy of their great abilities.  After completing their missions, they powered up on snacks and deserts, and commiserated with their compatriots.

The Legion of Little Heroes were aided by their trusted sidekicks: Boardman & Clark, Kearney Associates Inc., Lucy’s Family Restaurant, Koltes Do it Best, A New Home, Lodi Valley Dental, Treinen Farm, Subway, Lodi Canning Company, Lodi Sausage Company, Buttercream Bakery, Lodi Chiropractic Clinic, Elysian Therapeutic , Massage of Lodi, Nature’s Health & Wellness, Edward Jones, Wisconsin River Bank, Vern’s Appliance, Harmony Grove/Lodi BP, Gunderson Funeral and Cremation Care, Plumer Karate America, Stranders Sanitary Service, Moxon Insurance Services, Scott & Heidi Ness Enterprises, Country Clipper, Lodi Hometown Pharmacy, Geoffrey Lorenz Attorney, Rasmussen Mortgage, Fitz’s On The Lake, and Hillestad Refrigeration.

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