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Lodi School District 2018 Report Card

Earlier in November, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released their “District Report Card” for the Lodi School District. The district received a 4-star, 74.8% rating.  That places the district at the low end of what the DPI describes as “exceeds expectations”.

The report further breaks down the scores1Reports on each school are available at the link in the first paragraph..  Two of the schools (Ouisconsing and High) “exceed expectations”, two schools (Elementary and Middle) and  “meet expectations”, and one (Primary) falls under what the DPI considers “Alternate Accountability”, and scored as “Satisfactory Progress” (the higher of two possible ratings).

Achievement Scores

Though the overall rating is reasonably high, there are some areas in which the Lodi Schools have been losing ground.  These are shown in the achievement scores.

The DPI divides achievement scores into 4 basic groups:  Advance, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic.   The changes in these rankings for Lodi students is listed in the tables above.  Since the 2016 report card, the “advanced” ratings for both Language and Mathematics have fallen by over a full percentage point, and “proficient” ratings have dropped over 4 percentage points for English and over 7 for Math.  The “Below Basic” category has increased significantly in both areas.

Graduation Rate

Lodi has a 99.3% graduation rate for 2018 (the most recent year with available statistics).  A closer look at the raw numbers shows that 1 student dropped out.  A simple review of the available data suggests that the individual may have dropped out for reasons relating to their health.


The information on absentee rates shows 4 (potentially overlapping) demographics with significantly high numbers:  Hispanic/Latino, Economically Disadvantaged, English Learners (e.g., people for whom English is not their native language), and Students with disabilities.

Each of those areas are, at the national level, statistically linked to higher rates of absenteeism, and lower scores on standardized tests


1 Reports on each school are available at the link in the first paragraph.

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