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Late Deer Season and Education

The Wisconsin Deer-Gun season starts November 23rd this year. In the weeks running up to opening day, the WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is offering some opportunities for hunter education.


A recent episode of the DNR’s podcase “Wild Wisconsin: Off the Record” brought in their Director of the Bureau of Wildlife Management, along with one of their research scientists to discuss Chronic Wasting Disease and the efforts underway to help slow its spread.   CWD has been found throughout Wisconsin, and has a major impact on the decisions the DNR makes with regards to hunting seasons.

Sustainable Food

While hunting is often described as a “sport”, for a large portion of the hunting population, it’s a way to put food on the table.  This has strong ties to current trends in food sourcing.  More and more people are making conscious decisions to find food that is healthier, more ethical, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable.  Carefully curated hunting seasons allow us to manage herd size and maintain a strong, healthy herd–not only for deer, but for all game animals.

The “Hunt for Food” classes by the DNR stress the nature of “locally sustainable food”.

Learn to Hunt for Food courses include multiple class periods. During that time, students are introduced to conservation in North America, learn about hunting and conservation, and study the biology and life history of species. Students also get hands-on experience shooting, and learn how to properly handle firearms.

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