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Lodi Utilities Awards Grants

NOTE:  This article has been updated and expanded to include more information.

Lodi Utilities, in partnership with WPPI Energy, has announced their 2019 annual grant recipients.  WPPI is a not-for-profit, member-owned power company to which Lodi belongs.  WPPI serves 51 member municipalities in Wisconsin and surrounding states.

Grants are given to support efforts in community outreach, economic development, energy efficiency, and education.

Reach Out Lodi

$250Reach Out Lodi not only serves as the city’s “community center”, it operates the Community Store.  The Community Store offers essentials and staples to area individuals and families who need a helping hand.

Muirland Literacy Council

$250 Muirland Literacy Council for their Bedtime and Birthday Book Bags.  Muirland Literacy Council “is composed of teachers, librarians, reading teachers, specialists, administrators, and others interested in lifelong literacy needs and issues at the local, state, and national levels”.

Bedtime Book Bags are pillowcases containing a new book, washcloth, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Birthday Book Bags include a book, birthday cake mix, frosting, and birthday candles. These items are distributed through Reach Out Lodi to support area children in need.

Susie’s Basket

$1,000 The Lodi chapter of Rotary International petitioned for a grant to help repair “Susie’s basket”.  They received the grant.  Susie’s basket was last renovated in 1972, and has been showing significant signs of deterioration in recent years.Local artist Dean Allen of D2 Studios is doing the renovation.  Dean’s other works are on prominent display in several of Lodi’s parks.

Lodi School District Greenhouse

$6.000  The greenhouse at the Lodi High School has been awarded two grants.

The first, for $1.000, goes towards equipment and supplies.  This can be used for tables, storage cabinets, chemicals, and other necessary items.  It will also be used for aquaponics systems1Local farmer Robert Davis designed and built an aquaponics system in his Town of Lodi farm before his untimely death in 2016. This grant is designed to help provide a foundation for the educational activities and the sale of items grown in the greenhouse.

The second grant, for $5,000, allows the purchase of special mechanized shades.  These shades can be raised and lowered to adjust the amount of solar heat entering and retained by the structure.   After installation, student will conduct research to record and understand changes in usage of electricity and gas.

It’s important to us to support our neighbors in the community and contribute to organizations that help make Lodi a unique, thriving place.

–Julie Ostrander, City Administrator


1 Local farmer Robert Davis designed and built an aquaponics system in his Town of Lodi farm before his untimely death in 2016

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