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Quick Takes: 2019-10-18

Last updated on 2019-10-17

“Quick Takes” are little items that aren’t quite big enough or developed enough for a full article, but they’re still worth noting.

  • Fall campfire season is upon us, and the WI DNR would like to remind people to use only local or certified firewood.  Invasive pests can be transported in firewood and do significant damage to our parks, forests, farmland, and gardens.  The best option is to buy local wood from area residents who cut on their own property.  If you buy firewood from a commercial source, make sure it’s certified “pest free”
  • Columbia County Solid Waste & Recycling would like to remind everyone (not only those they serve) that just putting recyclables in the blue bin isn’t enough.  Contaminated items (e.g., jars with food in them or oily pizza boxes) can’t be recycled.  Make sure you’re recycling properly — it makes the process for efficient and reduces costs (your tax dollars).
  • Even more lamp posts have been replaced.  Posts on the  west side of Main Street from Kwik Trip to the Four Corners have all been replaced with the new refurbished LED posts.
  • Frannie’s Franks (the hotdog stand at the Four Corners) closes for the season on Sunday.  “Get ’em before they’re gone!”
  • The Lodi Public Library is adding additional WiFi nodes to improve coverage.
  • The Library also has a new printer/copier. It’s a Sharp MX 4050. Library Director Alex Le Clair says that the new copier will be less expensive for the library to operate and provide higher-quality output.  More importantly, the copier will be more accessible.  The control panel is positioned lower than the previous machine, allowing small children, those in wheelchairs, and those who are more comfortable with lower controls much better access. There’s also a new “staple-less staple” feature–ask the staff about it.

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