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Police Training at Top of Lodi

Last updated on November 4, 2019

For the next week–and again from early to late December–Top of Lodi (the former Primary School) is hosting “Active Shooter” training for Dane County law enforcement officers.  Officers will be able to take what they’ve learned in lectures and classes and put it into practice in a controlled, but unfamiliar, venue.

Deputy Dawn Redford of the Dane County Sheriff’s Department training center in Waunakee is leading the training sessions.  She, along with 3 other instructors, will be taking officers through a range of practical exercises which mimic what they might find in an “active shooter” situation.   These include how to safely enter a room, how to quickly scan to see where people may be hiding, how to “clear” a room, and how to move on to another room.

Exercises will include single-officer situations, on up to groups of three or four officers working together.  In some situations, the officers will be dealing with paper cutouts to represent the shooter, hostages, and by-standers.  In others, trained professionals will play the part of the shooter.   In these cases, the shooters will be using low-powered blanks (“caps”), and police will be using special rounds known as “FX Rounds”  These are essentially professional-quality paint-balls (with smaller marks and less power).

Residents walking past the building during these parts of the training (early afternoon and late evening) may hear quiet “gunshots”.  Residents should not approach the building during the training.  Orange “sandwich board” signs are placed outside the entrances during training.

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