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New Lamp Posts Go Up.

Lodi Utility staff Carl Deans and Andy Hellenbrand were busy today putting up the first set of  newly refurbished lamp posts. This refurbishment is part of Lodi’s Main Street Corridor plan.

The olive-green posts that have stood unchanged since at least the 1960s have been repaired, painted a classic gloss black, and fitted with new energy-efficient LED lamps.  These new lamps will not only have a cleaner, whiter light, they drop energy consumption from 250 to 400 watts down to just 68.

Over a dozen of the refurbished lamp posts will be going up in the next day or two.  As old posts are taken down, the refurbished ones will be swapped in.  This will leave a some bases empty during the process, but makes for a smoother transition and doesn’t interfere with important signage.


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