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Dane to Flush Fire Hydrants in Oct & Nov

Throughout October and into November, the Village of Dane will be flushing their fire hydrants.  This process is part of the regular maintenance of the village’s water system.  After hydrants are worked on in your area, you might notice discoloration or air in your pipes.  Just run your tap for a short while until the water is clear again.

Flushing hydrants–opening them up and letting water pour out at high pressure–is an important part of the maintenance cycle for a municipality’s water system, and serves several important functions.

The most obvious function is to test the pressure at each hydrant to make sure there’s adequate water for use by the fire department.  A lack of pressure can indicate that a water main is clogged or broken (leaking), and can help to pinpoint where the problem is.

The rapid flushing of water draws out sediment, rust, and other contaminants that may have settled in the water mains.  Flushing them out helps to keep the water clean and clear, and keep those sediments out of your home’s water.

The flushing also purges stagnant water from little-used sections of the water system.  The chemicals used to treat water and prevent bacterial growth break down over time.  Flushing fresh water through the system assures that stagnant water is removed and proper treatment levels remain throughout the system.

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