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Voter Registration Forms in the Mail

Voter registration forms are appearing in area mailboxes causing residents to ask questions about the registration process and their responsibilities.  The Chronicle spoke with Lodi’s City Clerk, Dawn Collins to provide some answers.

Who Is It From?

If you’ve received a voter registration form in the mail, the first thing to do is determine who sent it. The only official documents (either a letter or postcard) come from the Wisconsin Election Commission or the municipal clerk.  If it comes from any other organization Collins says “there is no requirement to respond”.

A sample mailing obtained by the Chronicle included a “return” envelope address  TO the “City of Lodi Municipal Clerk”.  That is not, however, whom it was from.  The outer envelope has a return address for the Center for Voter Information in Madison.   This is not an official letter.

Collins goes on to explain:

There are a number of various organizations that send mailers to residents without full knowledge of voting history. The voter list can be purchased from the state (less personal identifying information of course) for mailing purpose. The City has no control of it.

What Is Your Voting Status?

If you have questions about your voting registration status, the simplest way is to go to MyVote Wisconsin and check.  If you’re not registered–or you need to change your information (address, name, etc.)–you can do so on the site.

What Do I Need To Register?

Wisconsin requires a valid photo ID and proof of residency in order to register and vote.  If your photo ID does not include your current address (such as a passport), you will need to provide some proof of where you live.  Common documents include utility bills, tax bills, bank statements, and rental agreements (lease).

A list of registration deadlines is available on MyVote Wisconsin.  Wisconsin does allow registration on election day.  To avoid long waits and complications, however, advanced registration is recommended.


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